How to use a flat iron without burning your hair


Heat inducing hair tools such as curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers have a bad reputation of slowly destroying your hair if used at home, but many stylists have made their secrets available so that those of you who lack the time to go to the hair salon can have their styling session without burning or damaging your hair. Flat irons seem to bear most of the fault, since they apply both tension and heat at the same time, and they require for these two to stay longer on the same segment of hair. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to avoid getting your hair burnt with the flat iron.

Don’t boil your hair


Hair should be completely dry when pressing the flat iron on it, otherwise the water will reach boiling temperature before your hair even starts to heat, and no one can imagine a scenario when that is a good thing.


Keep your temperature where your hair is


While thick hair may require high temperatures such as a 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit, thin hair can’t withstand such heat and will end up fried, no matter what quantity of thermal protectant you are using. For thin and frizzy hair, or hair that has been dyed, 350 degrees should be considered a maximum limit.


Don’t be overzealous


If you’ve gotten the temperature wrong and you feel you need to go over that strand another time, refrain and give it enough time to cool. Temperature builds up inside the hair, and while the cuticle may give you the impression it’s all back to normal, the core will preserve the heat and a subsequent stroke might cause irreparable damage.

Chose your flat iron with consideration


We’ve already mentioned that thick, coarse hair is more resistant to high heat and rougher treatment. But if your metal-plated flat iron has problems in dispersing the heat evenly, this will create frying points when used at a maximum capacity. Titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline are great heat conductors and will keep your hair as safe as possible while you’re using the highest temperature level.

Find your pace


Finally, the surest method of burning your hair is to keep the flat iron clamped on the same portion of hair long enough. To avoid such a mistake, find the right pace of going down on the hair section without having to repeat, but without seeing smoke and hearing sizzles.

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