My trip across the US was amazing

This summer, my husband and I decided to forget about our annual Mt. Hood camping trip and visit the far-far-away Big Apple, which neither of us had ever seen. It was a long trip filled with adventure and fun, but also with a terrible weather throughout some days.


The morning we left Portland, we thought we were going to move like Speedy Gonzales and we’ll only be 3 or 4 days tops on the road, visit some landmarks and then go home quickly. Of course, by the second week, when we finally managed to arrive, we felt like we already had our vacation, and seeing New York was gonna be just the cherry on top of the cake.


no6The fun began while still in Oregon, when we made a short detour to climb a little on the Blue Mountains, but instead ended up reaching the Rock Creek Butte. Since we were so tired when we climbed down, the love of my life managed to lose the map and bring me to total desperation in just a few seconds. I could already see us begging strangers for directions at every fork in the road, but I was quickly brought to silence once Stan announced me he read some reviews and purchased a GPS unit especially for the trip. Since that moment we had no trouble finding our way and identifying all the fun places we could visit along our path.




We stayed in Salt Lake City for two whole days and traveled on the banks of the Great Lake, we took two hitchhikers from Rock Springs to Elk Mountain and sang all the hits of the 80’s while eating drive-in food and stopping to take pictures every 10 miles.


By the time we reached Cheyenne, I had developed a very strong feeling about visiting Denver, where I have a distant cousin. After some failed coin flipping, we decided to change our route, and went to Denver, where we had the best cheese souffle ever, and crashed at my cousin’s which lead to a full night of memories and laughter.
no5Since we had already prolonged the trip, we decided to stop only for the bare necessities, and we managed to finish our journey in only one more day. New York was so amazing, I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful places we’ve seen, the food we ate and all the imposing buildings that dressed the sky view. Overall, it was the best vacation we’ve had in years and we are both very excited to repeat the experience.

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