How much should you spend on a good mattress

As an item that’s supposed to last for several years, a mattress requires a lot of thought and consideration before it is bought. This type of product can be found at a wide variety of prices, at immense, thousand dollars differences. As true as it is that a minimum price is not likely to guarantee any quality, not all high prices reflect impeccable manufacturing. It is only natural, with these in mind, to ask ourselves how much should we actually spend on a quality mattress without breaking the bank, or overpay what it offers.


A good mattress is one that offers your body enough support, feels comfortable and has a long lifespan. You can find a lot of models under 500$ that are even using quality materials, but which will probably need replacing after a couple of years, because of poor workmanship.


When it comes to the construction of the mattress, you will find two main types available on the market today, and they are innerspring and memory foam. While memory foam mattresses have gained a lot of fans because of the softness and the way the body is muffled into the mattress, innerspring models still have their advantages, one of them being their lower price in the same quality range.


Another type of distinction between different price ranges is caused by the presence and quantity of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, mohair, cashmere in the composition of the mattress. The high cost of these materials will make the mattress rise up to thousands of dollars, and the question you have to ask yourself is if you wouldn’t be better off with a quality material topper and a cheaper mattress.


If you’re considering a memory foam mattress, the average price for this type is around 1500$, and if you want to enjoy the support of an innerspring and the coziness of the memory foam altogether, prepare to spend about 2000$ for the average mattress. However, when I say average, I am talking about the price range and studies measuring users satisfaction level. But what’s good for others might not be good for you, so I encourage you to go through user reviews and discussion forums to assess what type of mattress would work for you and how much others had to pay.

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