Why I like Dyson vacuum cleaners?

Back in 2001, when it first arrived on the market, the Dyson DC07 was a miracle in my life, as it was the first bag-free vacuum I ever had, and I fell in love right away with the concept and the ease-of-use it offered, not to mention the tremendous suction power that made it perfect for all the surfaces in my house. While it was kind of heavy for an upright vacuum cleaner, the specialized accessories that came along with made it more practical than I had hoped. But my favorite thing about the DC07 was the revolutionary Root Cyclone technology that made this vacuum clear out even the smallest dust particles that usually clog other vacuums.


After a couple of years, my husband tried to expiate some faults by gifting me with a brand new Dyson V6 Trigger, a cordless, stick vacuum cleaner he knew I was fascinated with at that time. The V6 had made quite an impression on me with its maneuverability, as the head would move easily around the furniture, it could fit under it, and I could use it for the tougher spots for almost 20 minutes. This vacuum too had the cyclonic technology that’s such a big help. I’ve read reviews from users that complained about the small dirt canister, but in my opinion, this is more of an aid tool for the difficult to reach corners and for more sticky pet hair and debris, and not a vacuum cleaner in the proper sense, so it’s not supposed to clean an entire apartment in one session.


Now finally, at the beginning of this year, I got my third Dyson, and it’s a beauty. I’m talking about the Cinetic Big Ball Animal, which is featured as one of the top vacuums for 2017; while I know you’ll be rolling your eyes because it does cost a lot of money, for me it was worth every penny. Its ball-like design makes it highly portable, so much that in case of an overturn, it will redress itself. The handle of the wand is articulated so that it rotates and turns based on your movements, which makes it very easy to control, and I could go on forever. But by far, my favorite feature is the lack of filters on this model, so no clogging, no washing and no dust, which is my favorite combination on  vacuum cleaner.


I will finish by saying that I love Dyson because they have continuously raised the bar for their products and each new vacuum I tried was a surprise and a delight.

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