A few hairstyling ideas you can manage with your blow dryer

Many women have the wrong idea that a blow dryer only serves for drying the hair, but those of you who paid a little attention when visiting a hair salon, probably know that many stylists use it in the styling process with great success. So if you’re out of time or short on money and can’t go to the professionals, here are some ideas for your hairstyle that only require a blow dryer and a medium circular brush.  


Silky straight hairstyle


no2In order to get a long, silky straight hairstyle, all you have to do follow a few steps. Hair is usually at its most fragile state when it’s wet. This is why any hairstyling procedure should only begin after the hair has begun to dry, and you can even use your dryer lightly if you’re in a hurry. Sectioning the hair when working with a blow dryer is crucial, because what you’re trying to do is to manipulate the shape of the hair with the air flow, and you want to focus that on just a section at a time. According to this article, it’s a good idea starting with the back of your head, take sections of hair that don’t exceed the length of your brush and follow your hair with the blowdryer from the roots towards the ends, slowly, to give the heat the chance to work. Apply all the tension you can by pulling down the hair with the brush – if you pull up, the hair will become frizzy and will lose its shiny aspect. Once you’ve gone through all your hair, use your fingers to aerate and introduce a bit of volume.


Curly hair


no3You don’t need a curler to get beautiful curly hair, you only need a blow dryer and some patience. After sectioning your hair as presented above, take your brush and envelop it in the hair section, by rolling it from the end to the roots. “Walk” your dryer back and forth on the length of the brush and then pull the brush slowly to one side until the hair that has now developed a nice curl drops. In order to preserve the curls until you’ve gone through all the sections, secure them with bobby pins. Finally, remove the bobby pins and spread the curls using your fingers.


Wavy hair


no1By applying the same procedure as  before you can get a full set of waves just by limiting to half of the length of the sections. After you’ve curled up the lower part of your hair, shut down the dryer and continue to brush the hair for a few minutes, alternating the brush and your fingers. This will result in a perfectly wavy hair full of volume and attitude. More tips on this topic here.

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