Buying a crib for a little girl – things you should look for

If you’re planning to buy a crib for your newborn baby girl, here are a few tips to help you look for the essential features. While every parent wants to offer their child the best and the most beautiful things, keeping your eyes open for the crucial won’t be but an advantage in the long run.


Certification is one of the most important aspects, not enough mentioned by the various buying guides available online. Be sure to check if the crib you set your eyes on is certified by the CPSC or the JPMA, so that you can be sure it meets the legal safety standards.


A second thing to remember is to decide upon the type of crib you want. A standard one will bed your princess until she’s a toddler, but not any further. You can choose a convertible crib that will turn into a toddler bed when the time comes and even to a full-size bed later on.


We all like the way a carved wood crib looks, and baby accessories are a real eye-catcher, but simplicity is the safest way to go when you’re dealing with newborns. Clothing can get hooked in such adornments and objects can easily land over your baby’s face.


A new crib is always better than an old one for more than one reason. First of all, safety standards are continuously improved and increased. You may end up buying a model that’s been recalled, or that fails to meet these standards, and all for a few dollars. Also, old cribs might suffer from usage damage, such a chipped paint or loose binding, that could cause health problems to your newborn.


A mattress that will ensure the right amount of support and sheets that match the size of the crib are also things to be considered, and while we’re at it, the mattress support would be more resistant if it were metal-made instead of the common wood.


Although newborns don’t require gender-specific furniture or linen, feel free to personalize the crib by giving it a beautiful color that your infant daughter inspires you. Bows or crochet pieces attached to the out-of-reach parts of the crib could add to the whole look of it and could make the room atmosphere more dreamy and calm.

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