The best gadgets to have in your car if you do a lot of miles

Long driving journeys require a lot of attention and effort to stay awake and aware. While having a good diet and full night of sleep can help with fighting fatigue, there are a few helpful objects that can keep your trip safe and fun.


Radar detector


Staying out of trouble should be the number one priority of every driver out there. This means, of course, not consuming any illegal substances or alcohol, respecting traffic laws, and avoid going over the limit of speed. However, on long distances, some of these life-saving rules become blurred and we catch ourselves not paying the right attention to the speed limit sign on the roadside. Having a radar detector installed isn’t just a clever hack to avoid paying fines, but can be a means to remember that we’re in traffic and we are bound by the law to a certain behaviour.


GPS unit

A Garmin GPS unit, mounted on the dashboard of a Fairview Twp. EMS ambulance, helps to direct EMS personel to emergency scenes throughout the region. PAUL CHAPLIN, The Patriot-News
Having a GPS unit installed will help you find your way whenever your memory or your map fails you. The road can be dangerous in so many ways, that travelling long distances will require having all the backup you can get. Bad weather, traffic jams, traveling at night, all these can be handled with the help of a GPS system.


Power Inverter


A power inverter is actually a device that turns the 12V DC delivered by your car battery into 115V AC that you can use to power your phone, laptop, coffee maker, and so on. When you’re on the road for so long, having a power source is crucial, especially if you’re going through remote areas.


Bluetooth headset


If you’re a busy woman or man who has to take numerous calls a day, being behind the wheel for a long time can spoil your business. A headset connected via Bluetooth to your phone gets you to drive safely and carry on taking those important calls. However, make sure you’re not letting yourself be distracted by those conversations, because specialists have found that whether you’re using your hands or not, your driver responses will suffer a small delay when talking on the phone.


LED Road Flare


Every driver should be prepared for dealing with emergencies. Having a LED road flare in your trunk might just save your life if your car stops working in the wrong place, or if you encounter a dangerous situation.

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